Why Buy Ceramic – Safety

When you put pure food in a pure pan, you get nothing but pure taste.
Here is the little secret: not all cooking surfaces are the same. Most pans sold in stores today can be toxic because they contain PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Not only does that not sound delicious, it can be bad for you if it gets into your food, your air and your life.

CeraStone is one of the safest cookware on the market. – Review all the Safest Sets

CCRCS13 Radius-13PC

Radius 13pc Ceramic Coated Cookware Set is PFOA and PTFE Free, Non-Toxic and Beautiful.

Our CeraStone brands are made with a revolutionary all natural ceramic- coated surfaces. They are naturally non-stick and stain- resistant, and non -toxic, since they are PTFE and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoid acid) free. Scientists researched and tested it for years. And we made sure that chefs like it too.

Titanium Straight Copper Sets |  Reflection Series | Triply Collection

Ceramic comes from the Greek word Keramikos, meaning for pottery. It also means super-smooth, breeze-to-clean non-stick surface that wears incredibly over time. Our ceramic and titanium coated surfaces have been infused with the best material available are high-temperature stable (just in case you were wondering). These pans also feature high-polished, oven-safe handles, and induction bottoms so that they are more energy efficient.

At CeraStone, there’s nothing more important than safe, healthy meals for you and your family. That’s why the safest cooking experience available is very affordable. So start cooking without the chemicals and cook with pure CeraStone. Because when you put pure food in a pure pan, you get nothing but pure taste.

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