Types of Cookware for Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Chicken

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine has now been unanimously acknowledged as a heart-healthy diet. In fact, most people would even go to extents and call it a complete lifestyle, provided that you indulge in physical activity as well. The Mediterranean diet is not just about pizzas and pastas —it is essentially composed of healthy herbs, spices, beans, legumes, veggies, fruits, nuts, and moderate amounts of seafood, fish and poultry.

So, how can you incorporate the healthy eating habits of the diverse cuisine? Well, it all begins with choosing the right cookware for the recipes. In this blog, you will discover the various types of pots and pans that you may require to prepare a dish that will be infused with the flavor and smell of exotic herbs and spices.

  1. Cast Iron Fry Pans for Versatile Dishes

  2. This is really a versatile cookware and it is a must for preparing Mediterranean cuisine. From breakfast to main course, the cast iron fry pans can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, such as roasted Brussels sprouts, Mediterranean cornbread caprese, baked beans in a skillet, sesame chicken, sautéed salmon, and poached poultry. The ideal way of cooking the dishes in a cast iron fry pan is to season it first with a coating of olive oil. This way the fry pan will heat quickly and distribute the warmth evenly to the various ingredients.

  3. Clay Pots and Pans for Earthy Flavors

  4. There isn’t any other better way to give your meals a typical earthy Mediterranean flavor than clay pots and pans. Of course, the whole idea of a Mediterranean cuisine is to make fresh local produce in earthen cookware for it helps in releasing the juices and nutrients from the ingredients. The steam inside will make the meat and the veggies tender ensuring that they retain their taste and nutrient content.

  5. Mortar and Pestle for Crushing the Herbs and Spices

  6. Mediterranean cuisine emphasizes on making fresh food rather than buying processed ingredients. Spices and herbs are the key ingredients for any Mediterranean dish. If you love to prepare your meals from scratch, you will have to buy kitchenware for crushing nuts, spices, and herbs. For this purpose, you will have to look for mortar and pestle.

  7. Baking Dishes

  8. In order to prepare delicious Mediterranean styles desserts, you will need a high-quality baking dish. Traditional Italian dishes like pastas, lasagnas, pies, and gratins are made in the oven. The baking dish ought to be temperature resistant, which means that it should be able to withstand high temperature inside the oven and should be able to endure the freezing temperature inside the refrigerator. This will help you in transferring the baked items easily from the oven to the fridge without having to transfer to a separate dish.

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