4 Amazing Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Cookware

You need your cookware in the best shape when you are preparing meals for the family during the winter holidays. Your pots and pans need extra attention at this time of the year, and you need to ensure that you take good care of them using some great tips and tricks. Here, we share some amazing tips that you can employ to prolong the life of your kitchenware.

1.    Using the Right Sized Pots

Pots and pans come in all sizes. Most people ruin their moderately sized saucepans by cooking everything in them. You need to understand, though, that the different sizes indicate that you need to use them according to your meal size. Always make sure that you are using a variety of pots from your cookware. This ensures that most pans deteriorate evenly and a few of them are not spoilt in only a few months due to overuse.

Another thing that you need to consider is the size of your burner. Always make sure that you put larger pots on large sized burners, while only placing smaller pots on pointy flames. The use of large pots on small burners can burn the bottom and alter the shape of the cookware, making it useless after a few months due to degradation.

2.    Using Ideal Temperatures

Most people believe that turning the heat on full will speed up the time for cooking a meal. What they do not realize is that cooking times depend on many factors, including the use of water and oil as the base for making soups and broths. The ideal way to use your kitchenware is to ensure that you follow the instructions presented in a recipe and cook the food accordingly.

Using the recipe will ensure that your meals are delicious and the right temperature settings will prolong the life of your pots and pans. Cooking on slow burners will also ensure that food does not stick to the bottom of the pan, which can then make it easier to clean after use.

3.    Using Wooden/Silicone Utensils

Metal utensils can damage the sides of your kitchenware. Therefore, it is always better to either use wooden or the newer silicone utensils. Wooden utensils have been used around the world for years though and are generally perfect for protecting your metal pots and pans. Other plastic utensils are also ideal as they are not brittle enough to damage the sides of your cookware. You also need to get a set of utensils with varying sizes and uses, so that you can use them with pots of different sizes and for different cuisines.

4.    Manual Washing

If you truly want to prolong the life of your kitchenware, then you need to wash the utensils by hand. You can use a soft scrubber and warm water to properly remove the food scales that often form on them. This will protect them from the harsh treatment of a dishwasher and ensure that they remain shiny for a much longer period.

These are a few amazing tips that will keep your cookware as good as new. You can always get some excellent pots and pans from CERASTONE, which produces a variety of kitchenware.

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