productCeraStone CeraComm 12" Fry Pan

CeraStone CeraComm 12″ Fry Pan


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What’s the point of dirtying more stuff when you could stick your fry pan right in the oven? Introducing the CeraComm 12 inch fry pan. The forgin steel handle makes it safe for high oven tempuratures. Included is a removable silicone sleeve making it heat resistant andcomfortable to hold. The UltraCoat 22 Titanium ceramic interior makes it safe under high tempuratures and is PTFE and PFOA free, guaranteed.

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CeraStone CeraComm 12" (30cm) Fry Pan
Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 3.6mm
Interior: Titanium ceramic - Black
Exterior: White Satin
Bottom: Stamping
Handle: Forgin Steel w/low lead+removable silicone sleeve

Packing: 1pc with 1pc coating sticker/ color sleeve, 3pcs/ Carton

All packaging information are estimated, will correct it once receiving official order.


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