Myths about Non-Stick Cookware

The smooth and shiny non-stick cookware, which is ideally a product used in the majority of households and restaurants for meal preparations is one of the essential cookware, without a doubt. However, non-stick cookware is also subjected to various myths which make them move out of the list of healthy cooking tools.

Some of the common myths associated with non-stick cookware are:

1- All types of non-stick cookware are the same

This statement is often used for the hazardous results of cooking in non-stick cookware of poor quality. The truth is, there are different coatings for non-stick cookware and each utensil could be different from one another by a layer or two (there is cookware with 1 layer, 2 layers or 3 layers of coating). It is the quantity of silicon present (in different ratios) that some people may have concerns about.

2- You cannot clean off burnt food remains from non-stick cookware

It is clearly a myth unless you have had a chronic episode of food burn, which is rare. Commonly,  burnt food is removed easily from a nonstick pan and if it gets a bit stubborn then soapy water has never let us down. Also, you can soak the non-stick cookware for a few hours or overnight into soapy water solution to get the burnt food out or use hot water for the same purpose.

3- You cannot place food in non-stick cookware and refrigerate

There is no truth about it since non-stick cookware can be refrigerated with food items in it, in solid form as well as broth. Also, you can freeze it. As with any other cookware, avoid prolonging the period of storage

4- You cannot load non-stick pans in dishwasher

Rather than being about non-stick pans, it is more a question about the quality of the cookware— whether it is able to sustain the dishwasher or not. The non-stick cookware of high quality could be loaded in the dishwasher. Also, about the myth, the wooden handles and aluminum exteriors are often unable to sustain the water pressure inside the dishwasher. This holds true for any cookware not designed dishwashing.

5- There is no need to use seasoning

Due to the sheen and smooth surface, the non-stick pans are often considered to be self-greasing. They aren’t, for sure. The non-stick cookware, very much like any other type of cookware, has to be greased for frying. However, this type of cookware works well with lightly rubbing cooking oil or butter which spreads evenly for a smooth layer.

6- If some particle of non-stick coating goes with food, it can be dangerous

It is a very common myth about non-stick cookware that sometimes the coating may come off due to constant stirring or scraping, and that if it accompanies your food to the stomach it could be dangerous. The truth is that there aren’t any harmful chemicals used in the non-stick coatings produced in the U.S., and if a small amount is ingested, the digestive system is not affected at all. Don’t make it a habit of cooking in cookware which has coating peeling off each time you cook in it.

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