Ridge Hill

From the mines to your kitchen, these Copper and Gunmetal pots and pans are ready to perform beyond your expectations.  These non-toxic, induction bottom cookware provide a more energy efficient and safe cooking experience.  The diamond infused pots and pans take sophistication and functionality to an unprecedented level of cooking ease.  Their non-stick and dishwasher safe design allow for easy clean-up.

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Features & Benefits

  • Made with 4.0mm aluminum
  • Metallic Finish Exterior
  • Featuring our StoneCoat 2020™ Ceramic Interior with Diamond Infused Technology
  • Oven Safe Stainless Steel Handle
  • Tempered Glass Lids
  • Induction Bottom

Available In

10 PC Set

  • 8”, 9.5” Fry Pans
  • 1,2 and 3QT Sauce Pans with covers
  • 5 QT Dutch Oven with cover

Open stock

  • 8”, 9.5”, 11” Fry Pans
  • 11” Chicken Fryer with Cover


Ridge Hill