5 Healthy Cooking Myths That Will Surprise You


Healthy cooking is all about feeding your body the right nutrients and abstaining from all that may seem (and taste) deliciously healthy but do more harm than good. And as more and more focus is driven towards healthy cooking for your family, you will come across a lot of myths especially if you are new to cooking, or have yet to learn the art of healthy cooking.

Some of the healthy cooking myths are busted here:

  1. Microwave destroys the nutritional value of food
  2. One of the common and most prevalent myths related to healthy cooking is about the microwave being the culprit for diminishing nutritional value of the food we eat. Microwave heating is a quick method and like any other heating method, unless the food is exposed to it for too long, it has no adverse effect on the nutritional value of it.

    hummus-pita-bread-healthy cooking

  3. A vegetarian diet is protein deprived
  4. It is a commonly known myth that the vegetarian diet is deprived of the proteins, that are derived through various forms of meat. This problem arises when there is a lack of proper meal preparation. This  could be solved by a nutritionist preparing a plan that provides vegetarians with ample protein intake through beans and veggies. With the appropriate education, a vegetarian diet can be just as protein rich as one with meat as a base for protein.

  5. These foods are complete proteins without the meat: quinoa, buckwheat, soy, rice and beans, ezekiel bread, hummus and pita, peanut butter sandwich, hempseed, & chia.
  6. Fat free cooking is always healthy for your family
  7. Healthy cooking with avocados

    Though excess fat causes damage, the idea of a completely fat free food always being a healthy option is a myth through and through. Why? The first reason is that in absence of fat the body is unable to absorb all the necessary nutrients available in the food. Secondly, there is a definite need for good fats for cholesterol management and weight loss as well. Thus, it is essential to study the entire nutritional value of the meal you are considering and not be lured by the fat free tag.

  8. These foods have the good fats that help manage your cholesterol and weight loss: avocados, butter & ghee, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and omega-3 foods such as walnuts, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, watercress, and salmon.
  9. Stock up dairy products for abundantly healthy bones
  10. Healthy cooking with spinach

    It is a commonly known factor that in order to have healthy bones and teeth one needs to consume a good number of dairy products and include them in regular meal preparation. The association of dairy with calcium is one of the huge myths surrounding healthy food. This is often the case when people believe that  dairy products are the sole provider of calcium. The fact is, leafy green vegetables are beneficial for calcium, vitamin K (required for healthy bones and teeth), so is magnesium (abundantly present in cashew nuts, oats etc.) and are equally essential to maintain healthy bone structure.

  11. Some calcium rich vegetables to take note of: kale, collard greens, broccoli, kelp, spinach, and soybeans.
  12. Aluminum cookware increases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease
  13. Myths related to healthy cooking aren’t limited to the groceries but embrace cookware as well. It is a commonly known ‘fact’ that the aluminum cookware and aluminum foil is directly associated with the increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. However, the truth is that though the study of a large number of Alzheimer’s patients’ brain showed high amount of aluminum, no link has been found between the two. Also, most of the aluminum ingested  by the body isn’t stored by the body and is urinated to a great extent.

In the end, it is essential to know the components of healthy cooking as well as the cooking ware to ensure your diet isn’t deprived of the necessary nutrients and is safe by all means. One of the ways to do so is to use PFOA & PTFE FREE pans, we’ve got those here at Cerastone. We care about your health and think you should to. Shop our pans

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